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Bitcoin Drops to $3,800

Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency by market cap is on its way to close its 10th consecutive session below the $4,000 mark, which has been seemingly acting as a resistance since December 28. According to CryptoCompare data, BTC is currently trading at roughly $3,800 after falling 0.65% in the Ler mais...


Bitcoin Cash Is up 84% in Two Weeks

Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a cryptocurrency created through a hard fork of the Bitcoin (BTC) network in August of last year, has been rising at an impressive pace in the last few days, and is currently up over 85% in the last two weeks.

According to CryptoCompare data, BCH went from a $74 low Ler mais...


Bitcoin Price Crash Forces the Chinese Miners to Sell T

It is not only the HODLers who are affected by the recent dip in the price of bitcoin, as a report by International Times, published November 23, 2018, posits that cryptocurrency miners in China are selling their expensive mining rigs at giveaway prices. Bitcoin Miners Not Able to Breakeven It a Ler mais...